Advanced Pranic Healing

Advanced Pranic Healing

Advanced Pranic Healing Level II Course
Practical Handbook for Healing with Color Pranas

Learn how to heal with Color Pranas
It includes a complete presentation of the 11 major chakras and many minor and mini chakras and how to heal them with advanced coloured energies. Learn specialized techniques for the rapid growth of tissue, cell regeneration, cancer, diabetes, leukaemia, and other severe illnesses.
The Advanced Pranic Healing book is predominantly based on the instructions given by Teacher Mei Ling to the author. Other Teachers also provided useful information. Teacher Mei Ling is one of the mentors of the author in his esoteric studies. A lot of clairvoyant investigations and experiments were done. It is also based on the author’s and his students’ experiments and experiences. Some of the concepts and techniques are “new” and different from other books on colour healing. Many of the advanced techniques should be practised preferably by experienced pranic healers, and nit by beginners. Improper understanding of the principles and instructions and improper application on the advanced healing techniques may result in adverse effects on the patients.
Advanced Pranic Healing uses colour pranas and chakral techniques to produce very rapid healing and to cure difficult ailments.

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