Goodsleep Oasis Crystal Pad



A rare desert water oasis might be far from your location but a GoodSleep Oasis can be exactly there where you will sleep tonight.

On GoodSleep Oasis product declaration label we responsibly show:

  • Increases oxygen levels.
  • Technical fabric.
  • Breathable product.
  • With crystal therapy.
  • Manufactured in EU.
  • Internal technical fabric tested in Polab laboratory.
  • Increases the body’s energy.
  • Electrostatic discharging ball.


Celliant is a high performance fiber clinically proven to increase oxygen levels in the body. Celliant can be beneficial because it:

  • Enhances sleep quality.
  • Helps improve blood circulation.
  • Helps with balancing body temperature.


Carbon fiber that is woven in the upholstery of GoodSleep Oasis has the characteristic of materials belonging to the technology with the qualities of traditional natural fibers. The presence of the carbon fiber fabric creates a barrier against electromagnetic pollution and the morphological characteristics of carbon creates a permanent shield that repels such radiation.

The electrostatic characteristics are generated by a mechanism that is intuitively simple: the friction between two objects can lead to the transfer of electrons from one object to another, producing the annoying electrical charges that frequently disturb us. During one third of each day we should spend sleeping so it would be advisable to protect ourselves as much as possible from the known technical radiation that is surrounding us during the day (computers, microwaves, cell phones, electrical outlets, kitchen appliances, televisions, etc.).


Silver fiber is woven in upholstery of GoodSleep Oasis to protect your body from viruses and dust mite development. It is a well known fact that some fungi, viruses, bacteria and mites thrive in some mattresses that are not using todays known technologies. By combining these known facts, we are not only protecting your health thus we have prolonged the life spam of GoodSleep Oasis.

For about ten years the silver fiber, obtained by a layer of pure silver combined with a textile fiber, is used in the bedding industrial sector and in the medical field. Recently, it has also been launched in the market for consumer products to respond to those who require a safe and effective remedy against the formation of microbes.

The silver fiber is bound to a polymer in an irreversible manner so as to become a physical part of the fiber. This ensures the durability of its antimicrobial function. This function is permanently resistant to many washes.


Copper fiber is woven in the upholstery of GoodSleep Oasis because it transfers the benefits from the crystalline structure insert over the whole surface of GoodSleep Oasis.


Unlike some other bedding products, GoodSleep Oasis has a electrostatic discharging ball with a diode on it which allows the electrostatic discharge to flow ONLY in one direction; from GoodSleep Oasis to the ground. This way GoodSleep Oasis cannot be “charged” with the electro smog that is coming from bed lamps, alarm clocks and other gadgets that are plugged into the outlets by the bed.

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